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Do you have a vision for your passion? 
You want to be successful but don't know where to start? or how?

Your brand is the foundation that speaks your vision and tells your story.

Before you can market yourself you need to know what your brand is!

Every successful business began with a branding foundation

My name is Mae and I founded Chain Lynx Media to help people create the foundation of their business without feeling overwhelmed and panicked.

Let us help tell your business story through effective branding that engages & inspires your audience, clearly states your vision, and develops a strategy that will only succeed.

You want your consumer to feel what you feel?

So do we!

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We offer our services on a Brand Package basis instead of A La Carte because just having a nice logo isn't enough. There is a lot to discuss before we even get there. So we point you to True North, as we call it. We not only brand your foundation but we provide you with the mindset you NEED to succeed on your own!

What does that even mean?

So often we know our story but we don't know how to tell it.
That is the key to branding.

You may think you don't need a brand because you aren't Nike or Adidas but that's not true. You need to speak to your audience. You need to make yourself relevant. You need to be consistent while being seen. 

Having a strong strategy will have you running around less and working with your ideal clients. The ones who are excited to work with you!



is our passion. Because we love stories and dreams with happy endings.


Let's figure out your "why" so you can bring your vision to life!


She knows that your brand is something you have to be comfortable with. 




Let Chain Lynx Media Brand Your Business

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We're here to help you every step of the way!

Call us TODAY to have a FREE consultation and see how we can help you and your business. 

We KNOW it's an investment. But you have a passion and a vision and we PROMISE our methods will help you to kickstart your goals and business. To leave you in a state of peace and happiness.

OR if you would rather email us. You can do that too!